The Deacon As Servant

Based on Ministering as a Deacon, Allen Elder

As Men:

  • Get the Who we are, before the What we do. Being before doing.
  • Invest our lives for Kingdom work making an impact by making disciples.
  • Men of devotion, devoted to God in Relationship, Prayer, Bible study.

As Models:

  • Be a living example to follow. Models for the Great Commission
  • A model of Love, Care, Compassion, Evangelism, Disciple-Making.

As Ministers:

  • The Deacon walks with God and is worthy to watch & follow.
  • Work beside the pastor to mentor, mobilize, multiply the congregation.

As Managers:

  • Deacons are ministers of Christ, Stewards of the mysteries of God.
  • Together with pastor lead people to line up with God’s Great Commission

As Messengers:

  • Message: Become a fully devoted follower of Christ.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit and allow Him to work freely.

As Missionaries:

  • Take the good news of salvation to the neighborhoods and the nations.
  • Preach Jesus. Meet physical needs to share & show Christ.

As Mentors:

  • Be out front leading the way for others. Pacesetting.
  • Be a disciple-maker, mentoring, apply the “with him” principle.

As Multipliers:

  • With the Pastor lead the church in ministry to multiply disciples for Christ.
  • Cast vision beyond the present.
  • Be intentional & strategic in multiplication.

As Motivators:

  • Motivators in our homes.
  • Motivators to hear God’s voice in His Word.
  • Motivators to talk with God in prayer.

As Mobilizers:

  • The Deacon has come to serve.
  • Lead others from being served to serving.
  • Mobilize others for ministry.