Through this wild and wonderful journey with God I have been impacted and influenced by some incredible godly people and organizations.  I have included the links to these organizations with a brief description of their significance to me.


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary                                           

This is where I received my formal theological education. It was a privilege to study under some of the most gifted theologians including, Dr. Russell Moore, Dr. Robert Stein, and Dr. Charles (Chuck) Lawless. A Seminary dedicated to the Truth of God for the Glory of God.


Covington Theological Seminary                                          

This is where I have added significant biblical and theological training. Earning a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree. Practical, affordable, and biblically conservative. I enjoyed everything about my education with Covington. It is a privilege to be a part of the Covington family.


Messiah Project                                                                          

This is the Mission Organization we have partnered with to lead a variety of mission teams to Nicaragua. They provide an excellent introduction to International Missions. They are providing spiritual and physical needs to thousands of people through evangelism and feeding programs.


Go To Nations                                                                          

This is the Mission Organization we partnered with for our first mission trip, going to the Amazon River. It was a medical mission trip providing medical care during the day and showing the Jesus film at night. God captured our heart here and our life was changed forever. We went to Africa the next year and participated in a 3-month Leadership Training program in Guatemala the following year.