My Story

Greetings and Welcome

I took the time to establish this website to offer some insights to my heart motivation for ministry and provide a little background how God called me to ministry. I have included some highlights of my ministry. You can see and hear some of my sermon messages.

My calling: In the late 90’s God began stirring my heart for more than church attendance. God began stirring my heart to Go & Tell others this amazing story of Christ coming, living, dying, and rising again so that we might have eternal life. Christ came to give us life and called us to call others to come and see and know this life in Christ. Christ offers a life forgiven from sin. A life filled with hope, purpose, and meaning.

On a mission trip to the Amazon River in 1997 God called me to come and be a fisher of men.   My wife and I took another mission trip to Africa the following year and in 1999 participated  in a 3-month Mission Leadership Training Program in Guatemala.  We have  been actively involved in missions ever since.

My Training: In 2001 sensing the need to have a solid biblical foundation to lead and teach I enrolled at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and ultimately earned my Master of Divinity with a concentration in Evangelism and Church Growth. To further enhance my biblical education I earned a Master’s and Doctorate degree from Covington Theological Seminary. The Word of God, its principals and application to life are supremely important to our daily life journey. I want to communicate God’s truth with accuracy. I want to lead people to be aligned with God’s Word so they may walk through life in victory.

My Ministry: I have served both in staff positions and as Senior Pastor in ministry.   My focus has always been on making disciples. Disciples that love God and love one another.  God has guided me to create a variety of avenues for others to serve and lead others to come.

We have created community outreach ministry designed to bless both believer and non-believer.    We have developed community sports ministry through Upward Soccer.  Over the years I have led and trained volunteer teacher staff. We developed an Association-wide workshop in cooperation with our State Convention in Virginia. I have received State Convention training in church renewal and revitalization.

We developed a Mission Partnership with a sister church and sent over 60 people on Mission to Nicaragua, ministering to over 800 children annually over the last four years.

I began ministry as a Children’s Minister and it has always been a deeply defined purpose to reach children and build that biblical foundation early from the ground up. Reach the parents and help them develop a biblical Christian family home.

I hope that this helps to paint a portrait of my ministry and passion to advance the kingdom of God.

Please take the time to know my heart through the audio and video messages.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Bob Rudman