Jesus Has A Plan

Did Jesus Have a Strategic Plan

Based on Material by David S. Young, Springs of Living Water

Jesus did have a strategic plan!

  •  He did move with intentionality – Read The Woman at the Well – John 4
  •  He had intentional purpose meeting the woman at the well
  •  He knew how to reach her
  •  He watched to see her life transformed
  •  He knew she would learn to share her faith with others


  • Church renewal – a thirst to grow spiritually
  • Enter dialogue about spiritual thirst
  • Meet people’s thirst –identify to meet spiritual needs (practical needs)
  • Jesus planning – identify those who are spiritually thirsty  (people – lonely, isolated, struggling, hurting etc.)
  • Thirst leads people to find where God is calling the church


  • A grace-filled space of discovery
  • Reach over barriers to build relationships
  • Create a context to meet spiritual needs
  • Offer what they need most deeply (share the Good News)

Offer a cup of cold water:

  • Help people discover what they have to offer
  • Invite people to share what they can
  • The least likely gain a vision
  • Unlikely people in unlikely places share the gospel
  • Giving a cup of cold water


  • Jesus did not focus on bigger & better
  • He focused on transformed lives
  • Transformed lives become transformed churches
  • Congregational participation
  • Observe what is right & build on it
  • Identify strengths, dialogue with appreciative inquiry
  • God’s gifts & talents lie in what is right, build on it


  • Symbolically, Leave the water pot behind – leave the past
  • Engage in your mission going forward
  • Engage imagination, creativity
  • Discern ministry opportunities

Jesus is able:

  • To meet people who are thirsty
  • Lead them through transformation
  • Call them to serve in mission

The Result:

  • The church begins to grow
  • First – within current members
  • Second – with adding new people
  • Church becomes a vital place