Becoming An Evangelistic Church

Steps to Become an Evangelistic Minded Church

                 Based on Love Your Neighbor, Share Christ – Wil McRaney

  •  Understand Great Commandment Living – Matthew 22:34-40
  •  Understand Great Commission Living – Matthew 28:19-20


1.  Pray : Engage believers in praying for the lost

  •   Visit a restaurant, ask server how you can pray for them
  •   Visit the local Wal-Mart, watch & pray for people
  •   Go on a prayer walk in your neighborhood
  •   Begin a prayer journal praying for friends/ family that do not know Christ as Savior

2.  Enjoy & Serve Lost People

  •   Show Mercy: compassionate treatment of others in need
  •   Relationship Building: Strengthen those points of connection with others
  •   Loving Actions: Perform acts of kindness

3.  Evangelism Training

  •    Identify a variety ways of being evangelistic
  •   Develop an intentional C.A.R.E. program
  •   Develop your 3-point testimony

4.  Friendly Up the Church

  •    Create an environment that is warm & welcoming
  •   Develop action steps to prepare before, during, after guest visits
  •   Show mercy, Build relationship, Perform acts of kindness

5.  Bridging & Harvesting Efforts

  •   The harvest is not in the barn. We must go out to the harvest field
  •   Identify the state of the grain. Is it time to nurture or time to reap
  •   A bridge builder begins with the heart of a servant

6.  Connecting & Deploying Disciples

  •   Embrace the missional life. Act as a missionary wherever you go
  •   Serve God, Love your neighbor at home, in the workplace, in the marketplace