A Visioning Process

Visioning: Growing a healthy, vibrant Church

Signs of Health

  • Growing Disciples to be Reproducing Disciples
  •  Engaging the Lost
  •  Meeting Holistic Needs of people
  •  Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally
  •  Disciples Planting Churches
  •  Identify & Apply our talent to advance the Kingdom of God

Process of Discernment

  •  Seeking
  •  Stilling
  •  Listening
  •  Learning
  •  Following
  •  Doing

Dreaming the Dream

  •  What is your dream for the church?
  •  What do you believe the church can be?
  •  Our Challenge – Achieve the Dream

Icebergs Ahead

  •  Facing Conflict
  •  Dealing with Change
  •  Finding Courage

Finding Steps Forward

  •  Positive steps/Baby steps of victory

Invite Focus Groups/Develop Demographic Study

Review Church Models

Interview Healthy Church Leaders

Apply the Jesus Model

  •  Talk to His Father
  •   Do the Work of His Father
  •   Define the Kingdom of God
  •   Display the Kingdom of God
  •   Love God. Love People